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Céline, London – Resin Wall

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We have created a cast-resin wall, for French fashion house Céline’s Mayfair store, in Mount Street, in collaboration with FOS designs and CMK Architects.


Céline’s store already boasts a fine marble floor, distinct areas for each section created by rendered walls and a clean fresh look throughout the store.


Now we have installed the 9 metre long cast-resin wall, which incorporates two niches with brass shelves and lighting to display sunglasses.

We made moulds for all the resin panels, cast them to the required colour and then machined them on our CNC router only to fit onto the steelwork structure, which was designed and made by us – all other edges were left raw, to reflect the honesty in materials which forms the store’s overarching design principal. Each panel is unique, with patterns caused by the pouring and any marks from the shrinkage as they cured left visible.

We trial fitted the entire wall in our London studio before sending the panels to be fire-proofed, to pass building regulations. Then we installed the wall overnight and during one weekend.


On a sunny day, the wall glows with the light streaming in through the store windows. At night, the light within gives a warm pink tone to the outdoors. The steelwork within the wall shows as a vague silhouette to the viewer, barely there, despite the wall’s solidity and presence.