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Channel Four Big 4

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The brief: The studio was contacted by Freestate to realize the Channel 4 ident as a freestanding structure on the front steps of the Channel 4 building in Horseferry Road, London SW1. The ident forms a 4 when viewed from a specific position, this dissolves as you move around the structure. The studio undertook all the various aspects of the project from the computer modeling to the completed installation. When the structure was assembled on site it was the first time that all the components had been connected together.The overall structure is approximately 16.5 metres tall with a footprint 14 x 14 metres, weighing approximately 18 tonnes. The studio worked with structural engineers Atelier One who undertook the structural engineering, analysis, and specification for the project. The project is ongoing and will have four iterations over the course of a year: the first is lenticular images by the photographer Nick Knight.

Channel 4’s virtual view

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Model and final unveiling images courtesy of Channel 4