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A Clockwork Jerusalem – Venice Biennale

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Working with Sam Jacob of FAT Architecture we produced elements for the Venice Architectural Biennale 2014 British Pavilion ‘A Clockwork Jerusalem’.

We made the ‘mound’ – formed of a steel core, CNC routed plywood and MDF pieces which slotted into place. It was designed to come apart for shipment.

The finished form was then painted to fit in with the murals of the British Pavilion and covered in earth, to represent the common architectural features of modernist estates, when the spoil heap was formed in the middle of the development and made into a feature of the landscaping.

We also produced models of three notable housing developments – The Cumbernauld development, the Hulme Crescents and the Thamesmead Estate (used as the setting for the film ‘A Clockwork Orange’).

These were CNC routed from high density foam and covered in paint and concretious resin. Then drilled into for spigots to be fitted to hold the models off the plinths at an angle.