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Copper Plinth for Information Age Gallery

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We were approached to fabricate and install a large copper floor and copper plinth to showcase the Rugby Tuning Coil – the centrepiece for the new Information Age Gallery in London’s Science Museum.

As Approved Contractors for many London Museums we can quickly undertake work with our prior knowledge of conservation and display issues helping inform our design work.

The centrepiece is designed to keep visitors away from the Tuning Coil, but also had to be beautiful in its own right. We worked to create an interesting and intricate design for the floor panels, which complemented the spider-web pattern of the Tuning Coil. We carried these lines through to the outer ring, and had the top panels acid etched with quotes chosen by The Science Museum. The flooring also had to accommodate power sources and lighting.

We laminated the water-jet cut copper panels onto lightweight aluminium composite panels for the flooring, and on to CNC-formed timber pieces for the outer ring. The final piece was installed in stages, working around the installation of the tuning coil, and waxed.


The gallery was opened by HRH The Queen in 2014, and she sent her first ever Tweet whilst standing next to it.


It was designed by ourselves and Universal Design Studio, and is on permanent display in The Science Museum, London.