‘The Lynching Tree’ light box

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‘The Lynching Tree’ is a photographic still by Steve McQueen. First exhibited at Basel in 2013.

It depicts a tree which was used to hang slaves from, and was shot on location of his new film ‘Twelve Years A Slave’.

The image of now-peaceful woodland belies the brutality which once took place in the spot. The graves of slaves who died there surround the tree.

At Mike Smith Studio we make light boxes from steel, aluminium, MDF, non-reflective polycarbonate and complete all the electrical wiring. This light box is going to a private collection in America, so is dual rated for 240v/110v. We make light boxes for various clients, in any size, shape and material required.

This image is brought to life by the lighting behind the colour transparency. The greens are fresh and bright, and it almost feels as if you’re looking out of a window, not at a still image at all.

This is the latest in a list of collaborations between MSS and Steve McQueen, including various other light boxes and ‘Queen and Country‘.