Venice Architectural Biennale 2016

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All photographs courtesy of British Council/Photographer Cristiano Corte.

Once again we worked with the British Council to produce work for the Great Britain Pavilion at the Venice Architectural Biennale.

We produced a range of interiors, mainly using Valchromat through-colour MDF, which we designed and routed on our CNC router before constructing in our West London studio.

Each room of the pavilion was themed around a different period of time – Hours, Days, Months, Years and Decades, and each had a signature colour to reflect this. By using Valchromat we were able to make each interior a consistent colour and with no visible fixings, even though the entire work is modular and came apart for transport to Venice. We designed the structures and built them using softwood and then clad it in Valchromat.

The ‘Years’ room was a cross-shaped section of wall, complete with a toilet, sink and acrylic panels to allow light into the area. ‘Months’ was a two storey structure which visitors can explore, and which included a sleeping area, a bathroom, and a kitchen, with appropriate doors for privacy. ‘Decades’ is a longer ‘wall’ with spaces for a kitchen and bed. We also produced a range of light boxes, designed to mimic windows and cast a more natural light onto each area.

We also produced day-beds, using powder coated steel and upholstered mattresses and garderobes made of acrylic with inbuilt lighting to highlight the contents.

To welcome visitors to the pavilion we built an oversized version of a classic British front door – such as found on No.10 Downing Street.

The British Pavilion at the Venice Architectural Biennale 2016 was curated by Shumi Bose, Jack Self and Finn Williams. ‘Days’ was designed by åyr, ‘Months’ by Dogma and Black Square, ‘Years’ by Julia King, and ‘Decades’ by Hesselbrand.