Steve McQueen’s ‘Lynching Tree’ & ‘Queen and Country’ part of Schaulager Exhibition

Two works Mike Smith Studio worked with Steve McQueen:  ‘Queen and Country’ 2007-2009  and ‘Lynching Tree’ 2013,  are part of  the Steve McQueen Schaulager Exhibition.

Schaulager is presenting the first comprehensive exhibition of work by the radical British video artist and filmmaker Steve McQueen. For the first time, more than twenty video and film installations, photographs and other selected work will be on view in a larger context. For this unprecedented show, two floors of the Schaulager have been architecturally transformed into a custom-built City of Cinemas. Interior and exterior spaces with viewing apertures, mirrors and variations in light intensities and degrees of darkness provide surprising insights into the artist’s work.”

The Art Newspaper: ‘Steve McQueen gets in your face at the Schaulager’